King Business & Financial Management


Our method is to offer services tailored to each client individually, no matter what point of your career you’re in.

Below is a list of some of the services offered.



  • Company Setup Assistance - Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships and Corporations

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Bill Pay

  • Receive and Deposit All Checks / Income

  • Monthly Cash Reporting and Quarterly Financial Statements

  • Preparing and Monitoring of Budgets

  • Risk and Insurance Assessments

  • Tax Planning and Preparation Work (actual return prepared by CPA)

  • Artist, Publishing, and Producer Contract Guidance

  • Management of Domestic Staff, Contractors and Vendors

  • Tour Budgeting to Actuals Reporting

  • Pre-Production and Planning

  • Touring Insurance Procurement

  • Tour Performance and Merchandise Settlement Audits

  • Assisting with Credit and Asset Acquisition

  • Oversight of Financial Portfolios and/or Financial Manager

  • Property / Estate Management and Acquisition Assistance

  • Trust, Wills, and Estate Planning Oversight and Consulting

  • Third Party Royalty Statement Administration – Producers and Writers

  • Artist, Songwriter, and Publishing Royalty Audits

  • Catalog Valuation and Sales Assistance